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About Us

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As a new construction, repair & dump truck business, we are proud to offer a multitude of home repair and property improvement services. If there is something broken in your home, we can fix it! From installing new doors to a complete remodel, our team of experts is standing by to help your home receive the high-quality attention that it deserves. Our services are cost-effective, delivered on time, and designed to improve the value of your home.

Visionexx offers skilled and experienced estimators, dump truckers, metalworkers, welders, cement & concrete finishers, carpenters, equipment operators, fence erectors, flooring installers, insulation installers for all types of insulation including our favorite heavy sprayed on foam, drywall installers, laborers, landscapers, pool builders, painters, roofers, siding installers, garage door installers, repair people and other site upkeep services

We currently have projects in Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Norman, Noble, and Edmond. We have done work in Ada, Lake Eufaula, Guthrie, Yukon, Mustang, and the middle of nowhere. In 2021, we traveled to Colorado to consult on the valuation of an excavation contracting business. I am Vance Bowen, the old guy who founded this company. I smile, shake hands, find quality materials & new customers. I also solve problems on the rare occasion when they pop up. I also drive our Peterbilt dump truck Old Smokey 16. Smokey has a 14+ cubic yard bed, and can easily haul 20 tons of materials including topsoil, fill dirt, clay, sands, 1-to-4-inch gravels, sedimentary shale rocks, recycled materials, like asphalt, and crushed concrete.


Kitchen, Bath & BEDROOMS

Did you know that, together, the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms are the most used rooms in the house? With the advent of the Great room concept, you may want the kitchen, dining, playroom, and living area as one large room. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise, those rooms often need repairs. If you want, we can build custom cabinets, closets, pantries, or wall shelving.


Our Services

Whether you have a leaky roof or are considering the benefits of a bedroom addition or remodeling project, we are here to help. Below are just a few of the services we offer:

Exterior Repair or changes

The exterior of the home is constantly under attack from the elements. Our team of specialists can help to spruce up the exterior of your home through cost-efficient and visually appealing exterior home repairs or changes. Oklahoma is subject to high winds, hail, fire, and flood risks. We have experience fixing all those repair types.

Interior Repair or changes

Tell us about indoor home repairs or changes to resolve electrical, plumbing, and cosmetic issues. Have you joined the modern idea of replacing carpet with wood or composite tile floors? We have the best of the best installers for interior repairs and remodels. Will you buy flooring that is not water-resistant or waterproof? Do you know the difference?  We do and have installed thousands of square feet of many flooring types.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our associates have as many as 60 years of experience in the construction industry. We only build or repair using quality materials and laborers. We do not cut corners so that we make higher profits. That is not our style. We will offer you choices of materials and recommend what we think are the best building or repair materials. Building with quality is only slightly more expensive than using inferior materials. All too often in today’s construction trades, the contractors use the cheapest materials and labor they can find. We have never done that, and have no intentions of starting now.